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The Time I Become A Young Blood Writer

I am actually a BS Mathematics graduate. My field of interest as most expected always deals with numbers, theorems, and proofs. Constructing sentences for a composition like this is somewhat a rare thing for me to do. But even without that writer’s confidence, I’ve sent an email of my entry to Young Blood; full of hope that it could serve its main purpose.
The article I had submitted was just a piece of inspirational work dedicated to all bloggers. I had shared how the “blog world” becomes the home of their thoughts and how every blog posts they have published made an impression of who they are. Even that sense of success they have felt upon completely publishing their work of love, upon receiving good comments from readers and co-bloggers, and upon getting number of likes and follows were all included in that said entry. In all sense, I would say that I’ve definitely given justice to blogging as my topic.
Unexpectedly, it just happened. My article successfully did it. It was been published in Young Blood like what I always dream for. I was first informed by one of my friends during that time about that good news after she have checked out Philippine Daily Inquirer on that day and find out my published work in Young Blood column. I could not believe it at first but after I’ve confirmed it by myself, I feel so blessed. It’s so overwhelming. That feeling was totally priceless! All my efforts in doing it resulted great. I feel more happier then upon receiving text messages, wall posts on my FB, and personal greetings from my family, other friends, relatives, and acquaintances all saying congratulations! The time I become a Young Blood writer was truly the moment I wanted the day not to end.
Days passed by, I’m still treasuring that moment. It really created a great impact in my life. Its aftermath was just the beginning of a new me — someone who always look up now on the positive side of life, someone who is starting to love the beauty of writing and trying to solve its equation at his own pace, and someone who is now trying his best to inspire other people even in simple ways.
Suddenly, I heard someone calling my name. I slowly open my eyes. I am still lying in my bed and it’s actually my mom calling me for breakfast. I close my eyes again as I’m trying to analyze the situation. Then I realized that the Young Blood thing was simply just a dream — a wonderful dream.
Moving on, (to be continued…)