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Subject: A Letter for an FB friend

Just like and share! (Photo source:

Just like and share!
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10:47 am, Wed April 4 2012

Dearest FB friend,

I could still remember that moment finding you on my FB’s “People You May Know”. Because of that relevant number of “mutual friends” we have, I totally decided to add you as an FB friend. Today, you just came into my mind. :p Anyway, thank you for accepting my friend request; I truly appreciate it even if confirming me doesn’t make me as your friend like exactly what the word “friend” truly means. But I’m still hoping that we could find something worth having to hold on to despite from this too weak relationship between us. How I wish that through my status updates and by reading your status updates, everything would lead to “closer” ties; after all, we could write and talk anything and everything under the sun (including even trivial things like waking up, taking a short walk, eating breakfast, going to work, watching tv, and everything else hehehe). With just a single click, I could easily let you know what’s in my mind. But I know that in a case like this, maybe I could not really create a great impact on your life as a friend, but I’ll promise to stay here not just because I wanted to be “liked” out of my posts, but because I wanted to take this as a challenging step for starting a better change in our generation’s definition of what so called “friendship in the Age of Facebook”; and this letter is actually a simple start. For sure, I am not just an isolated case; because somewhere out there on this global village, I know someone else is doing the same thing — same as what you are also doing. Let’s all start it by ourselves before doing some attempts of changing the whole world.
On a lighter note, let’s just all be happy being part of this promising generation where creating connections is at our fingertips; being updated on what’s happening with our friends and expressing our own stand on issues that matter to them are all easier to have now even without setting a foot outside the bedroom. But FB friend, always remember to think before you click! Okay? Ingats! 🙂

Never fade,

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