Go na Stories (Buena Mano 2)

(ang post na ito’y cont’n. ng aking monthly post featuring Allen Yu. Hindi kasi computer gamit ko kaya may character/word limit ang bawat post.)

Ma-Allen Yu mo na ako! hehehe

Ma-Allen Yu mo na ako! hehehe


Blogging is one of our generation’s best contribution to the world and I think that we should treasure it and improve the way it’s done.

Life should remain spontaneous and should be lived the way we want it to be, otherwise we’ll lose our humanity.

You succeed when you think you do. You could be successful now, you probably just don’t realize.

The best thing that we can share.

— Keep blogging! Keep sharing! Thanks Christian!


@allenwhy, thank you so much for giving some of your time answering my questions. Saludo ako sa'yo! Keep inspiring us!

At ngayon, kung sa tingin mo ay karapat-dapat kang mapabilang dito sa aking "Go na Stories" gaya ni Allen o kung may kilala kang blogero na nais mong i-nominate, magtweet lang gamit ang hashtag na #LoadplusGoNaStories at ipaalam agad sa akin. What are you waiting for? Go na and shine! 🙂


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