Sense of gratitude

I’m happy for them — to all of my batch mates in high school and in college who are now currently enjoying their lives being in the “work field”; some of them are making their corporate bosses happy, some of them find themselves in the classroom again (experimenting new teaching strategies), some of them are showing to the whole world how talented Filipinos are, and some of them are now working as great parents for their kids. For sure, whatever great or simple achievements we would reach, all of our teachers/instructors would be proud for us — to their students whom they’ve shared their golden knowledge, ad lib moments, precious time of teaching, and even other trivial things they’ve done and experienced daily. Seeing us creating our own “big names” would absolutely be their priceless achievements. In return, we, as their students before, would also do our part. Even just in a simple way, let’s give them a simple treat like for instance saying “hi ma’am/sir! Musta na po?” when bumping each other somewhere else (kung nakikilala at namumukhaan pa natin sila :p) or simply giving them the recognition and respect by still calling them “ma’am/sir”. For them, those simple efforts of showing them our gratitude is something big they would treasurably keep.
Our teachers/instructors are truly our second parents. They also love us, they also guide us, and they also help us. So, we should also love our teachers/instructors like exactly in the same way of how we love our parents (kahit pa at the end of the day ay makakuha tayo ng F or INC. na grade mula sa kanila? :p).
Finally, I’m truly hoping that we could bear in mind all the lessons they’ve taught us as we continue our long journey; not precisely about all those class discussions regarding the subject that we need to learn, but even those simple things we’ve implicitly learned from them. We are their mirrors; we are their best investments.


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