Miles Away

On that day, I’m leaving the Philippines; and I’m leaving my beloved family. I was not sure that time if my decision was right, but I had no choice at all but to accept that “promising” chance. It’s truly one of the hardest decision I made in my life.
Now, I’m almost three years here on this strange place, miles away from home. It’s not easy. But everytime I received call or text message from my family saying “thank you”, it felt like all my hard works were paid off. Sad to say, I had to missed the days celebrating Christmas and New Year with my whole family; I had to missed the changes in the place where I was born; I had to missed the annual reunion of our clan; I had to missed our family bonding; I had to missed the Annual Fiesta Celebration of our barangay; and I had to missed that moment celebrating my birthday at home. The comfort that this foreign place is offering could not equal to those sacrifices I’ve just mentioned (and those sacrifices were only part of the whole sacrifices thing). This is the life I’m currently having; this is the life I don’t need to experienced if there’s only good paying job I could have in the Philippines. This is my story I wanted to share; this is our story as Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). — This story is actually not my own story of life (I’m not an OFW). As you noted, I’m still using the pronoun “I” in the story and it’s because I wanted to make it as if I’m speaking as one of them; being in their shoes. The lives of OFWs around the world are not that easy as what we always thought. They are sacrificing a lot. So, it’s just right to consider them as the new heroes of today. I’m hoping that with this simple post dedicated to them, we would realize that our “kababayan na mga OFWs” deserve some recognition. Mabuhay ang lahat ng OFWs! Mabuhay!


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