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Sense of gratitude

I’m happy for them — to all of my batch mates in high school and in college who are now currently enjoying their lives being in the “work field”; some of them are making their corporate bosses happy, some of them find themselves in the classroom again (experimenting new teaching strategies), some of them are showing to the whole world how talented Filipinos are, and some of them are now working as great parents for their kids. For sure, whatever great or simple achievements we would reach, all of our teachers/instructors would be proud for us — to their students whom they’ve shared their golden knowledge, ad lib moments, precious time of teaching, and even other trivial things they’ve done and experienced daily. Seeing us creating our own “big names” would absolutely be their priceless achievements. In return, we, as their students before, would also do our part. Even just in a simple way, let’s give them a simple treat like for instance saying “hi ma’am/sir! Musta na po?” when bumping each other somewhere else (kung nakikilala at namumukhaan pa natin sila :p) or simply giving them the recognition and respect by still calling them “ma’am/sir”. For them, those simple efforts of showing them our gratitude is something big they would treasurably keep.
Our teachers/instructors are truly our second parents. They also love us, they also guide us, and they also help us. So, we should also love our teachers/instructors like exactly in the same way of how we love our parents (kahit pa at the end of the day ay makakuha tayo ng F or INC. na grade mula sa kanila? :p).
Finally, I’m truly hoping that we could bear in mind all the lessons they’ve taught us as we continue our long journey; not precisely about all those class discussions regarding the subject that we need to learn, but even those simple things we’ve implicitly learned from them. We are their mirrors; we are their best investments.

First little prince

Before, she was just enjoying the bliss of being ‘single’; but her life changed a lot because of you — after giving birth to a healthy and a cute baby boy which was you.
You are exactly her first little prince; her new world, her happiness, and her great blessing. Yes, sometimes, you give her burden, but by simply smiling, you also give her indescribable feeling of joy which is something that matter most to her than the burden you’ve given her. Because of you, she became an instant teacher; trying to teach you how to ‘close-open’, trying to teach you how to clap your hands, trying to teach you what are the basic colors, trying to teach you what are the letters of the English alphabet, and trying to teach you how to count from 1 up to 10 even if you’re still in your early months (para daw maging matalino :p). Because of you, she became a fan — your most loyal fan; she would do anything and everything just to see you being better and doing great. Even if her voice is not so good, she would still try to sing some kiddie songs just to entertain her most beloved little prince. Even if she is not good in storytelling, she would still try to tell a story just to let you stop crying. She even protects you from the bites of mosquitoes. She even stays at your side as much as she could because she don’t want to miss that moment when you show some little things you’ve learned, as days and months passed by. That’s how much she loves you. That’s how much she cares about you.
Today, she is always hoping that the first little prince in her life would grow up as the first mighty king in the world that she would be proud of. But even if the time comes that you would be a king, for her, you would always be her first little prince she could always hug and kiss anytime she wanted. #lol

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Subject: A Letter for an FB friend

Just like and share! (Photo source:

Just like and share!
(Photo source:

10:47 am, Wed April 4 2012

Dearest FB friend,

I could still remember that moment finding you on my FB’s “People You May Know”. Because of that relevant number of “mutual friends” we have, I totally decided to add you as an FB friend. Today, you just came into my mind. :p Anyway, thank you for accepting my friend request; I truly appreciate it even if confirming me doesn’t make me as your friend like exactly what the word “friend” truly means. But I’m still hoping that we could find something worth having to hold on to despite from this too weak relationship between us. How I wish that through my status updates and by reading your status updates, everything would lead to “closer” ties; after all, we could write and talk anything and everything under the sun (including even trivial things like waking up, taking a short walk, eating breakfast, going to work, watching tv, and everything else hehehe). With just a single click, I could easily let you know what’s in my mind. But I know that in a case like this, maybe I could not really create a great impact on your life as a friend, but I’ll promise to stay here not just because I wanted to be “liked” out of my posts, but because I wanted to take this as a challenging step for starting a better change in our generation’s definition of what so called “friendship in the Age of Facebook”; and this letter is actually a simple start. For sure, I am not just an isolated case; because somewhere out there on this global village, I know someone else is doing the same thing — same as what you are also doing. Let’s all start it by ourselves before doing some attempts of changing the whole world.
On a lighter note, let’s just all be happy being part of this promising generation where creating connections is at our fingertips; being updated on what’s happening with our friends and expressing our own stand on issues that matter to them are all easier to have now even without setting a foot outside the bedroom. But FB friend, always remember to think before you click! Okay? Ingats! 🙂

Never fade,

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Major vs Major

Anong no. 1 network mo? (Photo source:

Anong no. 1 network mo?
(Photo source:

It was in my early years in highschool when the birth of television in our place began. Thankfully, out of the few households that owned a television set that time, one of our neighbor also have one and so, I and some of our other neighbors usually make “sugod” to their house everytime they were watching tv. The newly launched GMA7 Network as being “Kapuso Network” was the first major tv station we used to love. Click, Frontpage: Ulat ni Mel Tiangco, Extra Challenge, Mulawin, Sana’y Ikaw Na Nga, StarStruck (Season 1), and SOP were some of the shows we’ve tried to watch without “palya”.
After I’ve graduated highschool and found myself in MSU for studying college, ABS-CBN “Kapamilya Network” was introduced to me which was exactly the most beloved tv network of almost all of my cottagemates. Home Boy, Game Ka Na Ba? (hosted by Edu Manzano), Pinoy Big Brother (Ejay Falcon’s time), My Girl (not the Philippine version), and Wowowee were some of the shows that this “new” major network was offering that time. Truly, this network have something different to offer. I’ve learned to love ABS; but sorry, I would forever have that Kapuso sense. :p
Today, after more than a decade since that birth of television in our place happened, there are now these Dream and Cignal Satellites that offer more exciting choices of channel for our healthy tv habit. The battle arena now is not just between GMA7 and ABS-CBN alone, but it also includes the newbie TV5 “Kapatid” Network as one of the major tv network in our place and in the whole Philippines. But what’s great about this is that we could now expect that each of these networks would try to give more of their best to produce excellent, fresh, and with high standard shows (like the epicserye “Amaya” made by GMA7?) because of the major vs major competition.
Finally, as to end this blog post, I’m hoping that all tv viewers would also do their part; that is, to watch critically and support unconditionally. #ProudKapuso! #BidaBest! #KapitKapatid!

Miles Away

On that day, I’m leaving the Philippines; and I’m leaving my beloved family. I was not sure that time if my decision was right, but I had no choice at all but to accept that “promising” chance. It’s truly one of the hardest decision I made in my life.
Now, I’m almost three years here on this strange place, miles away from home. It’s not easy. But everytime I received call or text message from my family saying “thank you”, it felt like all my hard works were paid off. Sad to say, I had to missed the days celebrating Christmas and New Year with my whole family; I had to missed the changes in the place where I was born; I had to missed the annual reunion of our clan; I had to missed our family bonding; I had to missed the Annual Fiesta Celebration of our barangay; and I had to missed that moment celebrating my birthday at home. The comfort that this foreign place is offering could not equal to those sacrifices I’ve just mentioned (and those sacrifices were only part of the whole sacrifices thing). This is the life I’m currently having; this is the life I don’t need to experienced if there’s only good paying job I could have in the Philippines. This is my story I wanted to share; this is our story as Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). — This story is actually not my own story of life (I’m not an OFW). As you noted, I’m still using the pronoun “I” in the story and it’s because I wanted to make it as if I’m speaking as one of them; being in their shoes. The lives of OFWs around the world are not that easy as what we always thought. They are sacrificing a lot. So, it’s just right to consider them as the new heroes of today. I’m hoping that with this simple post dedicated to them, we would realize that our “kababayan na mga OFWs” deserve some recognition. Mabuhay ang lahat ng OFWs! Mabuhay!