Survivors’ Day

My graduation day was not that perfect, but it was one of the most memorable days of my life. I could still remember waking up so early and excitedly preparing myself for that event. I was so happy that time because after five long years of studying, I had finally come to that day.
But before reaching that unforgettable moment, there was once a college life story of mine that was like a heavy tv series. It had a promising pilot episode, some tedious pace, fascinating storyline, few lowest point, unexpected twist, climax, and great ending. As most expected, that college life was not just all about happiness like that when I got my “rare” 1.0 grade for the first time or even by just simply passing a subject having a “terror” instructor, but there was also some point in my life as a student (which was part of the story) when I did my best but at the end of the day, my best was still not enough. On that hardest time, I was just like an overstretched rubber band ready to break. But despite everything that happened, I did not give up because of my dream; a dream that was not for myself alone, but for my whole family.
To make the story short, I’ve reached the finish line after exerting a lot of try, hard work, and perseverance; and of course with the guidance of God.
On my most remembering graduation day, I was like walking in the clouds. I could see in the faces of my fellow graduates that exact face of being a champion. After putting our tassels from left to right as we’ve been confirmed (by our University President) as graduates, the feeling of triumph seems exceeding in my heart. It was indescribable. Finally, I survived! God really works for me in His own mysterious way.
And after that day, my life commence; my life welcomes the real world; and my life starts enjoying new interesting paths. 🙂


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