Hope 1.0

I would just like to share this experience I had that happened last 2011 (century ago na ba? :p). That time, I was from MSU going to Surigao City. On that more or less 12 hours trip, I had brought a fully loaded backpack and a huge “sako bag” full of my stuffs while studying in college (that was actually after our graduation). The burden having those baggages were not easy, plus I only had a limited budget for the whole duration of the trip so paying manong porter in every jeepney and bus stop over was an additional burden. Speaking of burden, some parts of Iligan City and CDO were experiencing it more that time because of the aftermath of “pananalasa ni Sendong”. I could still see and sense on that very moment passing along those cities the great impact and destructions Sendong have brought to them. But despite everything that happened, I know that they haven’t lost hope that everything would be okay; that after the rain, the sun will shine again. It’s the spirit of how Filipinos are. As of today, they are feeling and doing well for sure!
Moreover, continuing the same trip story, I was so disappointed with a porter while I’m in Agora Terminal when he asked me to pay him PhP 250 which I’ve expected to be not that too much. I have no choice, so I just given him the said amount. 😦 Because of this instance, I doubted if my money being left with me would still be enough for the next trip. I only had PhP 158 left to be exact. Then, the next stop over was at Butuan Bus Terminal. The first thing I’ve said to a porter there approaching me was “Kuya, magkano po ang babayaran? Wala na po akong ibang pera, pangbayad ko na lang sa fare pa-Surigao”. After seconds of thinking, he still brought my baggage to the bus for Surigao goers. With my begging tactics, I just given him PhP 28, some candies, and a thank you. While I’m inside the bus, I’m praying that the fare from Butuan to Surigao would be lesser than PhP 130 which was also the only amount of money I had. I was sitting there with butterflies in my stomach. When the conductor have given the ticket, it was PhP 133! For some few seconds, I really don’t know what to do. Then, the only solution I had was to asked my seatmate “Kuya, maaari po bang humiram ng 3 pesos? Nagkulang kasi pamasahe ko (kapal mukz!)”. Without hesitation, he immediately look for 3 pesos in his pocket and give it to me. I said thank you to him and then after it, there was no further conversation until he have reached his destination. Going on, I’m thinking what would happen next if I would reach Surigao City without money. The only hope I had that time was, if my mom whom I’ve texted that I’m on my way to Surigao and I don’t have money would make “sundo” at the terminal. Thankfully, upon arriving at Surigao Bus Terminal, I saw my mom sitting there at the waiting area. I made a deep sigh of hope. Thanks God! — ang tangi kong nasambit.


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