Greatness Starts At Home

Attaining the dream of being a great leader, attaining the dream of being an inspiring blogger, attaining the dream of being a role model student, and attaining the dream of being a good friend are some of those things that could not be possible without growing up ourselves with the “greatness” of life at home. These “greatness” were exactly the lessons about love, peace, friendship, unity, perseverance, etc. our parents taught us at home since our childhood days. Through this, we could say that whatever great achievements we would have along our journey in the road of life are all implicitly and explicitly started at home.
Personally, recently gaining a degree is my today’s greatness I’ve just accomplished through the help, encouragements, prayers, and support of my family. The hard works of my papa and mama just to see their sons and daughter receiving diplomas of hope are truly incomparable. We (I, my brother, and my sister) would forever be indebted to our parents and we know that we should need to give them back the recognition and love they greatly deserved. The “greatness” our parents bestowed us is not about money, fame, or property but it’s about how to deal with people in the real world, how great it is to venture in business world, how important a family is, and how having strong faith could change everything. Truly, our parents would forever be our inspiration and we are so proud having them as our parents — the best parents everyone would be happy to have!
At this point of this blog post, I want to give emphasis that “greatness” could also be about doing great out of simple things that are sprinkled around us. Being honest, studying hard, having discipline, being helpful to other people who are in need, and being optimistic are all sense of greatness and there are lot more to see and say. Lastly, being great is not so hard to be. We just simply need to start sharing our lives with our greatness at home. We could all be invictus. We could all be great! Right?


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