Priorities In Life

When some of my classmates in high school visited me in our home few months ago, one of my classmate said, “Loadplus, walang nagbago sa bahay n’yo, gaya pa rin ng dati”. I just responded “oo nga eh” and with a smile. She was right; our home was just the same “nipa” house as it is (like exactly the same as what we had since my elementary days, to my high school days, and up to these days). But what’s in my mind that time was the usual answer of my mother everytime we’ve crossed with the same topic; that is, “di naman importante ang magandang bahay sa ngayon, ang mahalaga ay ang makapagtapos kayo ng pag-aaral. Asan naman yan pag tapos na kayo”. I know that my mother have her point; a great insight as being a mother.
Generally speaking, the case that I wanted to raise here out of that example is that we should better know first our priorities in life. With the same idea, it’s better to sacrifice first some of our “wants” if at the end of the day we know that we will attain something which are truly our “needs”. It’s exactly like being good at delaying gratification.
Knowing our priorities in life is really a big thing to consider because if we will do such thing, there would surely be a great possibility to succeed; there would surely be a great chance to attain our goals; and there would surely be something that have more worth to enjoy after our moments of sacrificing something. To prove this, I and my brother and sister have already finished our studies like what my mom’s main priority in the example I’ve opened up above. See? So, at this point of this blog post, I’m hoping that this case I have here would also create an impact on you; you as a student, you as a teacher, you as a public servant, and you as a blogger or for whatever you are.
Lastly, knowing our priorities is like knowing our own purpose. Right? Kuha mo? 🙂


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