Where Should I Go?

My several months of staying here in our home town after completing the years of struggling for a degree taught me a lot of lessons that implicitly help me realized what a 22 yrs. old need to realized (but it’s relative to my own perception). It’s exactly about asking myself where should I actually want to go. I know that there are many options to choose but all the decisions of choosing truly lies in me. For sure, I would not pick the path of settling down as a “tambay” because I want to maximize the precious years that I’m still young and have a great chance to build a career my family and I would be proud of. I want to achieve my dreams which at this point of time are all beyond my reach. Perhaps, these all are not just about my “wants” but it’s actually a need. At the end of the day, I don’t like to end up myself regretting for not making my best try. I am a hope of my family. I am a hope of my fatherland. So, I really need to act!
On my way to this long journey, one also of the probable option for me to take consideration is the path of being in the teaching world. Honestly, to become a teacher is not my dream but with this degree I’ve gained, being a teacher is a great possibility to take with. Teaching is the noblest profession but I know that it’s not easy. You need to be a role model; you need to be the best; you need to have dedication with this “live to teach, not just teach to live” passion — these are some of the things needed for being a teacher and I doubted myself if I have them all, that’s why I always have hesitations for accepting this option. But if truly given the chance, why not? This would surely be a great learning process to experience.
Moreover, the path of being part of the trends of BPO which may give the chance to enhance my speaking skill, the path of being in the business world which I’ve always loved to venture, and the path of being a father which at this moment is just so early to talk about are also included of my where should I go choices.
Whatever decision I would made; whatever path I would take, I’ll just leave it all to God.
God’s will be done!
Good luck to me!

P.S. To dovesgold, thank you so much for liking some of my posts! Hope you have a great time. :p


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