Biggest Move

It can’t be denied that we have now a three way battle between the biggest tv networks in our country — Kapuso vs Kapamilya vs Kapatid! We sometimes hear news that some or I would say many of our “stars” made their biggest move from leaving home network to other tv network with the reason relative to what they thought was better. Paolo Bediones (GMA7 to TV5), Aga Mulach (ABS-CBN to TV5), Sharon Cuneta (ABS-CBN to TV5), and Iza Calzado (GMA7 to ABS-CBN) are some of the few instances we can sight. I know that those decisions they’ve made were not easy. Those decisions they’ve made were exactly the same to the decisions we’ve also made as we leave our home sweet home. Right? But why do our parents let us to do so? It’s because they want to see us one day that we’ve grown up by our own feet; without their help but only by the lessons they had taught us before. For them, our achievements along the way are also their achievements. Moreover, in our case, if we are not that lucky and have failed the dreams and expectations of our parents after leaving, I surely know that we are still welcome going back home. Our parents would still accept us back with two open arms. But in showbiz, do this thing also work? Maybe only with the few.
What I’m actually trying to figure out here from that of above is that, the love of our parents are truly incomparable, unconditional, and with no limit. They are always aiming for our own good sake. So as their son and daughter, we should also do our part, that is giving them back the recognition and love they also deserved. We can reciprocate them by doing our best in our chosen endeavor or just by simply being a good son and daughter. We can’t find a replacement for our parents here in the world, so we should now start to treasure every moments that they are still with us. Lets all say I Love You Mama and Papa! This would absolutely be the biggest move we can do for them. tsk tsk

P.S. To konica, thank you for following this blog! 😉


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