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Survivors’ Day

My graduation day was not that perfect, but it was one of the most memorable days of my life. I could still remember waking up so early and excitedly preparing myself for that event. I was so happy that time because after five long years of studying, I had finally come to that day.
But before reaching that unforgettable moment, there was once a college life story of mine that was like a heavy tv series. It had a promising pilot episode, some tedious pace, fascinating storyline, few lowest point, unexpected twist, climax, and great ending. As most expected, that college life was not just all about happiness like that when I got my “rare” 1.0 grade for the first time or even by just simply passing a subject having a “terror” instructor, but there was also some point in my life as a student (which was part of the story) when I did my best but at the end of the day, my best was still not enough. On that hardest time, I was just like an overstretched rubber band ready to break. But despite everything that happened, I did not give up because of my dream; a dream that was not for myself alone, but for my whole family.
To make the story short, I’ve reached the finish line after exerting a lot of try, hard work, and perseverance; and of course with the guidance of God.
On my most remembering graduation day, I was like walking in the clouds. I could see in the faces of my fellow graduates that exact face of being a champion. After putting our tassels from left to right as we’ve been confirmed (by our University President) as graduates, the feeling of triumph seems exceeding in my heart. It was indescribable. Finally, I survived! God really works for me in His own mysterious way.
And after that day, my life commence; my life welcomes the real world; and my life starts enjoying new interesting paths. 🙂

Hope 1.0

I would just like to share this experience I had that happened last 2011 (century ago na ba? :p). That time, I was from MSU going to Surigao City. On that more or less 12 hours trip, I had brought a fully loaded backpack and a huge “sako bag” full of my stuffs while studying in college (that was actually after our graduation). The burden having those baggages were not easy, plus I only had a limited budget for the whole duration of the trip so paying manong porter in every jeepney and bus stop over was an additional burden. Speaking of burden, some parts of Iligan City and CDO were experiencing it more that time because of the aftermath of “pananalasa ni Sendong”. I could still see and sense on that very moment passing along those cities the great impact and destructions Sendong have brought to them. But despite everything that happened, I know that they haven’t lost hope that everything would be okay; that after the rain, the sun will shine again. It’s the spirit of how Filipinos are. As of today, they are feeling and doing well for sure!
Moreover, continuing the same trip story, I was so disappointed with a porter while I’m in Agora Terminal when he asked me to pay him PhP 250 which I’ve expected to be not that too much. I have no choice, so I just given him the said amount. 😦 Because of this instance, I doubted if my money being left with me would still be enough for the next trip. I only had PhP 158 left to be exact. Then, the next stop over was at Butuan Bus Terminal. The first thing I’ve said to a porter there approaching me was “Kuya, magkano po ang babayaran? Wala na po akong ibang pera, pangbayad ko na lang sa fare pa-Surigao”. After seconds of thinking, he still brought my baggage to the bus for Surigao goers. With my begging tactics, I just given him PhP 28, some candies, and a thank you. While I’m inside the bus, I’m praying that the fare from Butuan to Surigao would be lesser than PhP 130 which was also the only amount of money I had. I was sitting there with butterflies in my stomach. When the conductor have given the ticket, it was PhP 133! For some few seconds, I really don’t know what to do. Then, the only solution I had was to asked my seatmate “Kuya, maaari po bang humiram ng 3 pesos? Nagkulang kasi pamasahe ko (kapal mukz!)”. Without hesitation, he immediately look for 3 pesos in his pocket and give it to me. I said thank you to him and then after it, there was no further conversation until he have reached his destination. Going on, I’m thinking what would happen next if I would reach Surigao City without money. The only hope I had that time was, if my mom whom I’ve texted that I’m on my way to Surigao and I don’t have money would make “sundo” at the terminal. Thankfully, upon arriving at Surigao Bus Terminal, I saw my mom sitting there at the waiting area. I made a deep sigh of hope. Thanks God! — ang tangi kong nasambit.


As we live in this world where time seems to change so fast, I hope we have realized how important our time is. Time is really precious. As what the saying says “time is gold”. And so, we should not waste our time even a single minute. We need to used it fruitfully and wisely if we don’t want to end up regretting for just letting it passingly passed.
At this moment, I’m still one of the fresh graduates who don’t have job yet and just staying here in our home town with the simplicity of life as a “tambay” because of some constraints. I know that this time given to me now can’t be back again once it passed by and this idea is driving me to let myself be productive even with this status quo of mine. For me, choosing to be a dreamy blogger is probably one of the things that I could do for good; the thing that I could do now and the thing that I need to do now. After all, spending my time in blogging my random thoughts is truly worth having. Through this way, I’ve shared this time of my life positively and treasurably. This time of my life is not the end. I would not just stop here — as a “tambay”; and I would not waste this time so that I could fulfill something great tomorrow. I will start it now; by living with a meaningful time of my life.
As I finally rest my case (hoping I haven’t ended my case so short :p), I’m truly hoping that this blog post would serve as an eye opener to those people who are just wasting the priceless time of their lives like those people who let narcotics be their God, to those people who have lost their hope and purpose, and to those people who just work and work without enjoying each days of their lives.
We are not perfect but we should always remember that we only have one life. We should not destroy it. We should not waste it same as not wasting any of our time. We choose. We decide!

Greatness Starts At Home

Attaining the dream of being a great leader, attaining the dream of being an inspiring blogger, attaining the dream of being a role model student, and attaining the dream of being a good friend are some of those things that could not be possible without growing up ourselves with the “greatness” of life at home. These “greatness” were exactly the lessons about love, peace, friendship, unity, perseverance, etc. our parents taught us at home since our childhood days. Through this, we could say that whatever great achievements we would have along our journey in the road of life are all implicitly and explicitly started at home.
Personally, recently gaining a degree is my today’s greatness I’ve just accomplished through the help, encouragements, prayers, and support of my family. The hard works of my papa and mama just to see their sons and daughter receiving diplomas of hope are truly incomparable. We (I, my brother, and my sister) would forever be indebted to our parents and we know that we should need to give them back the recognition and love they greatly deserved. The “greatness” our parents bestowed us is not about money, fame, or property but it’s about how to deal with people in the real world, how great it is to venture in business world, how important a family is, and how having strong faith could change everything. Truly, our parents would forever be our inspiration and we are so proud having them as our parents — the best parents everyone would be happy to have!
At this point of this blog post, I want to give emphasis that “greatness” could also be about doing great out of simple things that are sprinkled around us. Being honest, studying hard, having discipline, being helpful to other people who are in need, and being optimistic are all sense of greatness and there are lot more to see and say. Lastly, being great is not so hard to be. We just simply need to start sharing our lives with our greatness at home. We could all be invictus. We could all be great! Right?

Priorities In Life

When some of my classmates in high school visited me in our home few months ago, one of my classmate said, “Loadplus, walang nagbago sa bahay n’yo, gaya pa rin ng dati”. I just responded “oo nga eh” and with a smile. She was right; our home was just the same “nipa” house as it is (like exactly the same as what we had since my elementary days, to my high school days, and up to these days). But what’s in my mind that time was the usual answer of my mother everytime we’ve crossed with the same topic; that is, “di naman importante ang magandang bahay sa ngayon, ang mahalaga ay ang makapagtapos kayo ng pag-aaral. Asan naman yan pag tapos na kayo”. I know that my mother have her point; a great insight as being a mother.
Generally speaking, the case that I wanted to raise here out of that example is that we should better know first our priorities in life. With the same idea, it’s better to sacrifice first some of our “wants” if at the end of the day we know that we will attain something which are truly our “needs”. It’s exactly like being good at delaying gratification.
Knowing our priorities in life is really a big thing to consider because if we will do such thing, there would surely be a great possibility to succeed; there would surely be a great chance to attain our goals; and there would surely be something that have more worth to enjoy after our moments of sacrificing something. To prove this, I and my brother and sister have already finished our studies like what my mom’s main priority in the example I’ve opened up above. See? So, at this point of this blog post, I’m hoping that this case I have here would also create an impact on you; you as a student, you as a teacher, you as a public servant, and you as a blogger or for whatever you are.
Lastly, knowing our priorities is like knowing our own purpose. Right? Kuha mo? 🙂

Through Simple Things

Have time with your friends. ( Photo source:

Have time with your friends.
( Photo source:

Having fun chatting with friends. (Photo source:

Having fun chatting with friends.
(Photo source:

Friends swimming trip. (Photo source:

Friends swimming trip.
(Photo source:

When I was young, I thought achieving the dream of having a great mansion to live, achieving the dream to travel around the world, achieving the dream of having a date in an expensive restaurant, and achieving the dream of being rich were the only things and the only level of achievements that make people happy. Today, at 22 yrs. old, I think I have now a clearer picture of what are the things that truly makes us happy. Happiness is just simple and so, we could always find happiness through simple things around us; by doing simple things for good. I believed this would be something most of us should realize. The idea is, would we rather choose to spend our whole life going after those big dreams we have without enjoying every steps of it or to choose to have some of our time to be with our family, friends, and special someone constantly being happy and creating memorable moments of our life? As what Mikael Daez said, “Don’t break your back and sacrifice what you already have to attain something temporary.” He is right, di ba? Having those ambitious dreams are not bad, but we should not forget that the real happiness from simple things are just sprinkled around us and not beyond our reach. Anytime, we can enjoy it. Personally, swimming trips and chatting with my old time buddies and having great mealtime with my family at home are just some of many good things that bring happiness to me. Truly, memories are usually made because of the network of people we are with. At the end of the day, I hope that we would always go back to the fact that through simple things and by enjoying simple things that already with us, being happy is just so easy! 😉

Where Should I Go?

My several months of staying here in our home town after completing the years of struggling for a degree taught me a lot of lessons that implicitly help me realized what a 22 yrs. old need to realized (but it’s relative to my own perception). It’s exactly about asking myself where should I actually want to go. I know that there are many options to choose but all the decisions of choosing truly lies in me. For sure, I would not pick the path of settling down as a “tambay” because I want to maximize the precious years that I’m still young and have a great chance to build a career my family and I would be proud of. I want to achieve my dreams which at this point of time are all beyond my reach. Perhaps, these all are not just about my “wants” but it’s actually a need. At the end of the day, I don’t like to end up myself regretting for not making my best try. I am a hope of my family. I am a hope of my fatherland. So, I really need to act!
On my way to this long journey, one also of the probable option for me to take consideration is the path of being in the teaching world. Honestly, to become a teacher is not my dream but with this degree I’ve gained, being a teacher is a great possibility to take with. Teaching is the noblest profession but I know that it’s not easy. You need to be a role model; you need to be the best; you need to have dedication with this “live to teach, not just teach to live” passion — these are some of the things needed for being a teacher and I doubted myself if I have them all, that’s why I always have hesitations for accepting this option. But if truly given the chance, why not? This would surely be a great learning process to experience.
Moreover, the path of being part of the trends of BPO which may give the chance to enhance my speaking skill, the path of being in the business world which I’ve always loved to venture, and the path of being a father which at this moment is just so early to talk about are also included of my where should I go choices.
Whatever decision I would made; whatever path I would take, I’ll just leave it all to God.
God’s will be done!
Good luck to me!

P.S. To dovesgold, thank you so much for liking some of my posts! Hope you have a great time. :p