Derailed Success

The first thing I usually do when doing a composition is to pick or choose a unique title of my piece before making up its meat (I don’t know if all writer’s do the same thing). “Derailed Success” is just one of the few titles I really wanted to work out with. I’ve tried working it for some couple of days but I can’t come up with the right words and supplements to have a good flow of ideas and all, like exactly the same way my mind wanted it to be. That’s why I just decided to plainly talk about it here; hoping it could still make some sense. hehehe
I truly wanted to include in that said “unrealized piece” the experiences or the situations in my life that made me totally derailed for my goal of attaining the peak of success or on the plan that I wanted to achieve something. It’s exactly about that moment in my life that I’m full of eagerness to reach the finish line but I mistook one step that made me being derailed. Then, I also want to include the first step of picking up the pieces and the acceptance or the healing process after that unfortunate moment in my life. After everything that happened, with all my spirit to stand again, to be unconquered, and to be a survivor and then later on to the final moment of reaching the treasurable derailed success would probably be the climax of that mentioned piece I wanted to have. Even though it’s not been realized, I’m still happy because I’ve accomplished this blog post. I could just say that this entry is something one derailed success I could consider; this entry is one derailed success I’ve finally achieved!
Our success truly lies in our own hands. But as we journey in the road called life, sometimes, we truly experienced being derailed, but this thing was surely not the end of everything and we should always keep this in mind! Believe it or not? :p

P.S. Today is exactly my 1st month here in blog world. Happy, Yipee, Yehey!
(To Salman Alvi, thank you for following this blog)


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