What’s Inside Your Bag?

(This photo is not my property)

(This photo is not my property)

Everyone of us are carrying our own unique backpacks (parang si Dora the Explorer lang hehehe). Where and how to brought it truly depend on us. We are responsible for it.
As of my 22 years of existence here in our wonderful world, I’ve met a lot of people — some were just acquaintances, some become my friends, and some become my close buddies. I’ve showed-off to them the things inside my bag as I’ve also seen the things in their bags. It’s fascinating to know that beyond the uncommon things I’ve seen, there are still some similar stuffs we had in our different bags. What I’m exactly trying to say here is that, in our real life condition, we’ve met different people; unique individuals having different attributes (it maybe about in attitudes, beliefs, etc.) that when we compare ourselves to them we would realized the differences we have and those that they have. But we should try to put in mind that it’s better to be focus on the similarities, not on those differences. But of course, we need to respect those differences. I believe that this way is the best basic way to create a good foundation to any kind of relationship. Understanding and accepting the differences is truly important. So now, in your status quo, if you’re still in the getting to know each other process with those people you’ve met, try to have time learning the things inside the bags they are carrying. It’s not too late after all! :p


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