Major, Major Changes

Year 2006 when we graduated high school. We were only few in our batch (I think, we were just lesser than 30). We were exactly the fifth batch of graduates in our not so long established Alma mater. We were so closed in our batch. That bonding we had was truly incomparable. Before the day of leaving high school life, we’ve planned to have our batch reunion on the fifth year after our graduation. But sad to say, we haven’t made it last year because of the major, major changes in our lives such as, some of my batchmates got married already, some had their own cute babies, some were working in places far from our home town (mostly were in Luzon) and some of them were can’t be found on Facebook, so we don’t have contacts or have news about them. Hehehe…
Moving on, the best option for us in our batch that are currently here in our home town this days is to have a small batch get together everytime we are available. We go into swimming, doing food trip, and even plain “chikahan”, reminiscing our experiences in high school together. But what really made me smile when we had “kitakits” was that moment of comparing our appearances today and our appearances before. There were so many noticable changes. For instance, we have now a “chubbiness” batchmate we always teased because we can’t believed she would look like that (but of course, we’ve always done it in an understandable jokingly way). She was just so “payat” during our days in high school. Peace ya! :p In addition, some also of my batchmates now look more matured (am I speaking for myself? Maybe…hehehe). These kind of changes we have are something sort of proofs that we are not getting any younger. We’ve now grown up as what so called ladies and gentlemens. What we can do is to accept these changes in our lives.
On the other hand, I’m so happy now for the major, major changes of my beloved Alma mater — of our batch actually. There are lots of positive changes I’ve seen when I visited there one time. It’s more better than those of our times. You, young batches today are so lucky. Congrats my beloved Alma Mater! Keep it up!
Now, as I’m almost reaching the finish line of this post, I know that you too experienced the same thing as that of mine. Our high school life was truly memorable that even years, after years and with all those changes, we still loved to have some little time reminiscing those old days. Right? :p


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