Wish List

We are still in the first two months of 2012 and so far, my life is quite good as what I consider it. There are some changes, challenges, and realizations I really need to accept, but it’s actually part of the journey in the road of life.
Today, I would like to share my top wishes for this year (hoping it would not be that too late to talk about it). These are the wishes I’m currently holding. Could all these things be fulfilled at the end of this year? This is the question I can’t answer for now. But for sure, I’ll let you all know about it, soon. So, here goes my 2012 wish list :
1) To have a stable job this year.
Now that I’ve graduated college (just recently), the real world is now waiting for me. I know that this part of my life is not easy. I should need to conquer my weaknesses for me to strengthen myself, as I’m facing this new battle — the bridge I’m just crossing. Wish me luck! :p
2) I’m wishing I could explore and could be part of a more fun Philippines.
Being a Filipino, I know that this country, my beloved country, could have a lot to offer, so I choose to love my country more and I’m trying not to become a stranger to my own nation. This is just the simplest thing I could do as a Filipino. #1forFunPhilippines!
3) I wish I could sustain my first year here in blog world.
Blogging is now part of me. I’ve enjoyed checking great and interesting blog posts as much as I wanted my blog to have the same.
4) I’m also wishing I could give my family a “treat of a lifetime”.
I wouldn’t be like who I am today without the help, love, encouragements, and supports from my family, so I think it’s now the time to give them back something they deserved.
5) I wish I could have enough time and access to watch again all the movies, local and int’l. events, and tv series I’ve missed to watch.
This is actually a great way of unwinding from a stressful life and it is one way of learning something beyond the four corners of the room.
Now, at this point of this blog post, I’ll better leave those wishes of mine (the rest are not mention here :p) to the will of God and I would just believe that good things really arrive at the end!

P.S. To lapiskamay and Mazhar, thank you both for following me. 🙂


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One response to “Wish List

  • konica

    hi im konica! and you truly are a good writer! your blog is very inspirational so im hitting ‘follow’… i hope to hear more from you so keep blogging!

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