Subject: Chain Letter of Inspiration

February 14, 2012

Dearest blogmates:

Our journey here in the road of life is very rough and tough. Blocks of obstacles and a lot of mazes are just in our way. We can’t do anything about it but to accept these facts. But actually, these are exactly the things that make our lives more exciting; these are exactly some kind of disguised blessings. With our own strengths, we face that life’s battle even without assurance of winning. That’s the spirit of being unconquerable — unconquered from doubts, unconquered from fears, and unconquered from weaknesses. We should dare not to give up for us to stay on top. But sometimes, we really experienced time of failures, heartbreaks, and misfortunes. During these lowest points in our lives, we should always remember that there are greater things to see and enjoy in the world of hope, in the world of having strong faith, and in the world of acceptance, if we will just open their doors. Getting up, learning the lessons, moving on, and trying again, are the things that truly matter most and not on how many times we have lost the battles. Today, in this letter, I also want to give emphasis that even with failures, heartbreaks, and misfortunes, it could still be a choice to be happy. Since we only live in this world once, we better choose to live our life to the fullest — to choose to be happy, to choose to be the best, and to choose to be a winner! For I believe that things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out. Through this letter, I hope you would realize at the end of the day, the message I’m trying to point out and I’m hoping it could help you change for the better, if not for the best. Share this letter of inspiration. Be a blessing to our other blogmates. What blogmates are for? Right? 😉


P.S. “Happy Valentines Day Blog World!”


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