Being In Blog World

As of doing this blog post, I am more than a week now here in blog world. I already experienced that sense of success any blogger felt upon publishing completely his work of love. It’s like receiving a gold medal. It is something he could always be proud of. For me, it’s definitely priceless! But could I actually consider myself a certified blogger now? Maybe the answer to this question is yes, but for sure, I’m still far below compare to the professional-level of blogging of those bloggers I’ve checked out. But I’ll better count this reality as an encouragement for me to try more and not to give up. Practice makes perfect after all! Right? What matter most for me right now is the fact that I’m totally enjoying the beauty of blogging. It is one of the greatest moves I’ve made outside from my comfort zone. The moment of having no idea what topic to choose and how to start it and the difficulties in constructing sentences just to have a good composition — all of these can’t stop me in doing this stuff again and again. This blog world is now the home of my thoughts and the window of my soul. Being in blog world is truly like welcoming positivity.
Indeed, staying in blog world is far from over! #iPlus1forFun! 🙂


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