Some Factors To Be Considered In Dealing A Business

I would honestly say that I don’t have an in-depth knowledge about business. But I’m engaged with it because my mother is a time proven micro entrepreneur. This ” small business ” we have is our only major source of livelihood. I have seen the ” up and down ” of it but one of its greatest success is when the three of us ( I, my older brother, and my older sister ) finished our studies through the help of that said ” small business “. How great, right? So, you better believe that there’s really money in business. Now, for some of you that wanted to venture in this world, I would like to share some factors to be considered in dealing a business based on how I viewed it as it is. Here they are :

1) ATTITUDE. Know your purpose before engaging in business. You should have the attitudes that are needed so that you’ll not end up regretting. Being patience and having dedication really matter.

2) CAPITAL. Business need investment, so be sure to have an enough capital before opening it to have a good start. It is actually the ” life ” of your business.

3) LOCATION. The location of your aim business should be in a place which is accessible to public — to your prospective consumers. Make sure also that the place you consider is suitable to the kind of business you wanted to start.

4) DESIGN OF ESTABLISHMENT. The structure of your establishment is also needed to be consider in starting a business. It should be design in a condusive way to buying public for them to be attracted.

5) PRODUCT. Knowing what product to sell is very important. So before starting a business, better know first what products the buying public in your ” location ” needly demanded.

6) PRICING. Make sure to have a pricing strategy in your business, but always remember that it should be in a reasonable way.

7) INNOVATION. Because of competition in business field, be sure to be innovative. Always think for something new and keep on growing as a businessman/businesswoman.

Now, I hope that this blog post would help you even in a little way as you pursue your dream in business. Good luck! 🙂


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