She is a unique woman of principle. Behind the ” palaban ” look she have, she is actually like a ” broken glass ” inside. She is trying her best to fix that problem but the truth is, it’s beyond her capabilities. That something really created a great impact on her life. That experience totally changed her.
It is not actually her fault alone but the great mistake is in handling the situation probably. I was not there, but I can always relate to put myself in her situation. Maybe this is the reason why I understand her — the whole personality she have. The first time I meet her, I’m not expecting that this girl is having a great burden. She is really looking fine just like any other girl. But I could always feel that there’s truly something within her — a story ala MMK :p.
Today, she have learned the beauty of acceptance, that’s why she is doing much better than the last time I saw her. Moving on is perhaps the best remedy, right? I’m sure, if that instance would happen again like in the same way it was, she could surely handle it well. She is truly having an unconquerable spirit now. Two thumbs up for her effort. I deeply wish her best!
She is an inspiration. She is a friend. She is a family. She is like no other woman. She could be you!


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