I usually saw the word ” acknowledgement ” in books, in novels, and in thesis and undergraduate papers. So now, I’m creating my blog version of it. This is actually my way of recognizing and appreciating the help of some people and even things that have great credit as I’m achieving my today’s zenith.
First, I’m so thankful having this kind of Nokia phone, because without it, I could not have done this stuff. I also want to thanks @twitter for its micro blogging idea that enlighten me to be a blogger. I would also like to express my gratitude to all the bloggers who served as my inspirations.
Moreover, I’m so grateful also to my family for their unconditional love and support that serve as my major inspiration in doing my blog posts.
To my treasured friends in our home town, thank you all guys for being part of my life. I really appreciate all the efforts and for letting me not to forget that life is great.
To all of you who are reading this blog post right now, thank you all for giving me some of your precious time ( I’m hoping that you would all visit my blog site again. Continue supporting me and I’ll promise to give you all my best of blogging :p ).
Above all these, I’m grateful to our Almighty Father for giving me His sense of love and for giving me strength and wisdom.
Now, I truly believed that ” no man is an island “. Thank you all! 🙂


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