14 Answers

It’s now February! Love is really on the air and Valentines Day is fast approaching. I’m thinking of some ” pakulo ” as a way of pre-celebrating it on this blog. Actually, I’ve asked 14 of my friends to give their answers to a question about love and I planned to post their heart warming answers here with their respective pseudo names I also asked them to include. The question I made was, ” If you define love in an action, what would you do and why? “. Unexpectedly, only one of them responded and when I asked if I could post her answer here, she said no. So, I was left with no choice but to accept the fact that my first and last try wasn’t successful. Moving on, if I would be ask with the same question, my answer would probably be, ” I would always try to keep my heart beating because it’s the simplest thing I could do to prove that I really love you — after all you’re my exact definition of love ” ( Cheesy ba masyado? :p ).
Now, could you all help me reached my goal of having 14 answers to that same question above? I also want to know your answer. Feel free to post it here. TY!

Advance Happy Valentines! šŸ™‚


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