Before 378

Maybe you may ask what ” Before 378 ” is all about. Well, number 378 was actually the number given to me when I got my toga for graduation in college and so definitely, this blog post is all about my college life before 378. But since there are lot of experiences I had in college and sharing it all even in a day would not be enough, so I’ll just give you all some ” sneak peek ” of how my life in college goes like.
My entire stay in MSU-Marawi as a college student was truly one of the best experiences I had in my life. It really created a great impact of who I am today. Looking back, my first year of studying there was a year of adjustment. But I was thankful during that year because my older sister was still studying in the same university with me. On that time, I’ve been introduced to what they call ” overnight “. I also learned to love eating ” pater ” and love watching our very own ” sleeping lady “. I’m also trying to learn how to speak using Maranao language and I can’t also forget that very long ” pila ” experience during enrolment period. 😦
Couple of semesters passed by, I decided to shift to another course. It was absolutely a make or break decision, but I’m so grateful it goes well. It was also in that same year when I joined an organization. It was a way of challenging myself beyond my comfort zone and I do believe that I made the right decision. It become my home away from home.
Moreover, as my older sister graduated college, I was left in MSU alone striving my own, but I’m thankful that I’ve been successful in coping with that change. That new independence taught me about budgeting money and time. Finally, upon reaching my last year in college, working that undergraduate paper was the toughest but at the end of the day, it’s all worth it. After all that journey, I reached that 378 moment.
And now, what would happen next after 378? For sure, the answer to this question would be my future’s history. Wish me luck. * wink *


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