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Derailed Success

The first thing I usually do when doing a composition is to pick or choose a unique title of my piece before making up its meat (I don’t know if all writer’s do the same thing). “Derailed Success” is just one of the few titles I really wanted to work out with. I’ve tried working it for some couple of days but I can’t come up with the right words and supplements to have a good flow of ideas and all, like exactly the same way my mind wanted it to be. That’s why I just decided to plainly talk about it here; hoping it could still make some sense. hehehe
I truly wanted to include in that said “unrealized piece” the experiences or the situations in my life that made me totally derailed for my goal of attaining the peak of success or on the plan that I wanted to achieve something. It’s exactly about that moment in my life that I’m full of eagerness to reach the finish line but I mistook one step that made me being derailed. Then, I also want to include the first step of picking up the pieces and the acceptance or the healing process after that unfortunate moment in my life. After everything that happened, with all my spirit to stand again, to be unconquered, and to be a survivor and then later on to the final moment of reaching the treasurable derailed success would probably be the climax of that mentioned piece I wanted to have. Even though it’s not been realized, I’m still happy because I’ve accomplished this blog post. I could just say that this entry is something one derailed success I could consider; this entry is one derailed success I’ve finally achieved!
Our success truly lies in our own hands. But as we journey in the road called life, sometimes, we truly experienced being derailed, but this thing was surely not the end of everything and we should always keep this in mind! Believe it or not? :p

P.S. Today is exactly my 1st month here in blog world. Happy, Yipee, Yehey!
(To Salman Alvi, thank you for following this blog)


What’s Inside Your Bag?

(This photo is not my property)

(This photo is not my property)

Everyone of us are carrying our own unique backpacks (parang si Dora the Explorer lang hehehe). Where and how to brought it truly depend on us. We are responsible for it.
As of my 22 years of existence here in our wonderful world, I’ve met a lot of people — some were just acquaintances, some become my friends, and some become my close buddies. I’ve showed-off to them the things inside my bag as I’ve also seen the things in their bags. It’s fascinating to know that beyond the uncommon things I’ve seen, there are still some similar stuffs we had in our different bags. What I’m exactly trying to say here is that, in our real life condition, we’ve met different people; unique individuals having different attributes (it maybe about in attitudes, beliefs, etc.) that when we compare ourselves to them we would realized the differences we have and those that they have. But we should try to put in mind that it’s better to be focus on the similarities, not on those differences. But of course, we need to respect those differences. I believe that this way is the best basic way to create a good foundation to any kind of relationship. Understanding and accepting the differences is truly important. So now, in your status quo, if you’re still in the getting to know each other process with those people you’ve met, try to have time learning the things inside the bags they are carrying. It’s not too late after all! :p

Major, Major Changes

Year 2006 when we graduated high school. We were only few in our batch (I think, we were just lesser than 30). We were exactly the fifth batch of graduates in our not so long established Alma mater. We were so closed in our batch. That bonding we had was truly incomparable. Before the day of leaving high school life, we’ve planned to have our batch reunion on the fifth year after our graduation. But sad to say, we haven’t made it last year because of the major, major changes in our lives such as, some of my batchmates got married already, some had their own cute babies, some were working in places far from our home town (mostly were in Luzon) and some of them were can’t be found on Facebook, so we don’t have contacts or have news about them. Hehehe…
Moving on, the best option for us in our batch that are currently here in our home town this days is to have a small batch get together everytime we are available. We go into swimming, doing food trip, and even plain “chikahan”, reminiscing our experiences in high school together. But what really made me smile when we had “kitakits” was that moment of comparing our appearances today and our appearances before. There were so many noticable changes. For instance, we have now a “chubbiness” batchmate we always teased because we can’t believed she would look like that (but of course, we’ve always done it in an understandable jokingly way). She was just so “payat” during our days in high school. Peace ya! :p In addition, some also of my batchmates now look more matured (am I speaking for myself? Maybe…hehehe). These kind of changes we have are something sort of proofs that we are not getting any younger. We’ve now grown up as what so called ladies and gentlemens. What we can do is to accept these changes in our lives.
On the other hand, I’m so happy now for the major, major changes of my beloved Alma mater — of our batch actually. There are lots of positive changes I’ve seen when I visited there one time. It’s more better than those of our times. You, young batches today are so lucky. Congrats my beloved Alma Mater! Keep it up!
Now, as I’m almost reaching the finish line of this post, I know that you too experienced the same thing as that of mine. Our high school life was truly memorable that even years, after years and with all those changes, we still loved to have some little time reminiscing those old days. Right? :p

Subject: Chain Letter of Inspiration

February 14, 2012

Dearest blogmates:

Our journey here in the road of life is very rough and tough. Blocks of obstacles and a lot of mazes are just in our way. We can’t do anything about it but to accept these facts. But actually, these are exactly the things that make our lives more exciting; these are exactly some kind of disguised blessings. With our own strengths, we face that life’s battle even without assurance of winning. That’s the spirit of being unconquerable — unconquered from doubts, unconquered from fears, and unconquered from weaknesses. We should dare not to give up for us to stay on top. But sometimes, we really experienced time of failures, heartbreaks, and misfortunes. During these lowest points in our lives, we should always remember that there are greater things to see and enjoy in the world of hope, in the world of having strong faith, and in the world of acceptance, if we will just open their doors. Getting up, learning the lessons, moving on, and trying again, are the things that truly matter most and not on how many times we have lost the battles. Today, in this letter, I also want to give emphasis that even with failures, heartbreaks, and misfortunes, it could still be a choice to be happy. Since we only live in this world once, we better choose to live our life to the fullest — to choose to be happy, to choose to be the best, and to choose to be a winner! For I believe that things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out. Through this letter, I hope you would realize at the end of the day, the message I’m trying to point out and I’m hoping it could help you change for the better, if not for the best. Share this letter of inspiration. Be a blessing to our other blogmates. What blogmates are for? Right? 😉


P.S. “Happy Valentines Day Blog World!”

Wish List

We are still in the first two months of 2012 and so far, my life is quite good as what I consider it. There are some changes, challenges, and realizations I really need to accept, but it’s actually part of the journey in the road of life.
Today, I would like to share my top wishes for this year (hoping it would not be that too late to talk about it). These are the wishes I’m currently holding. Could all these things be fulfilled at the end of this year? This is the question I can’t answer for now. But for sure, I’ll let you all know about it, soon. So, here goes my 2012 wish list :
1) To have a stable job this year.
Now that I’ve graduated college (just recently), the real world is now waiting for me. I know that this part of my life is not easy. I should need to conquer my weaknesses for me to strengthen myself, as I’m facing this new battle — the bridge I’m just crossing. Wish me luck! :p
2) I’m wishing I could explore and could be part of a more fun Philippines.
Being a Filipino, I know that this country, my beloved country, could have a lot to offer, so I choose to love my country more and I’m trying not to become a stranger to my own nation. This is just the simplest thing I could do as a Filipino. #1forFunPhilippines!
3) I wish I could sustain my first year here in blog world.
Blogging is now part of me. I’ve enjoyed checking great and interesting blog posts as much as I wanted my blog to have the same.
4) I’m also wishing I could give my family a “treat of a lifetime”.
I wouldn’t be like who I am today without the help, love, encouragements, and supports from my family, so I think it’s now the time to give them back something they deserved.
5) I wish I could have enough time and access to watch again all the movies, local and int’l. events, and tv series I’ve missed to watch.
This is actually a great way of unwinding from a stressful life and it is one way of learning something beyond the four corners of the room.
Now, at this point of this blog post, I’ll better leave those wishes of mine (the rest are not mention here :p) to the will of God and I would just believe that good things really arrive at the end!

P.S. To lapiskamay and Mazhar, thank you both for following me. 🙂

The Time I Become A Young Blood Writer

I am actually a BS Mathematics graduate. My field of interest as most expected always deals with numbers, theorems, and proofs. Constructing sentences for a composition like this is somewhat a rare thing for me to do. But even without that writer’s confidence, I’ve sent an email of my entry to Young Blood; full of hope that it could serve its main purpose.
The article I had submitted was just a piece of inspirational work dedicated to all bloggers. I had shared how the “blog world” becomes the home of their thoughts and how every blog posts they have published made an impression of who they are. Even that sense of success they have felt upon completely publishing their work of love, upon receiving good comments from readers and co-bloggers, and upon getting number of likes and follows were all included in that said entry. In all sense, I would say that I’ve definitely given justice to blogging as my topic.
Unexpectedly, it just happened. My article successfully did it. It was been published in Young Blood like what I always dream for. I was first informed by one of my friends during that time about that good news after she have checked out Philippine Daily Inquirer on that day and find out my published work in Young Blood column. I could not believe it at first but after I’ve confirmed it by myself, I feel so blessed. It’s so overwhelming. That feeling was totally priceless! All my efforts in doing it resulted great. I feel more happier then upon receiving text messages, wall posts on my FB, and personal greetings from my family, other friends, relatives, and acquaintances all saying congratulations! The time I become a Young Blood writer was truly the moment I wanted the day not to end.
Days passed by, I’m still treasuring that moment. It really created a great impact in my life. Its aftermath was just the beginning of a new me — someone who always look up now on the positive side of life, someone who is starting to love the beauty of writing and trying to solve its equation at his own pace, and someone who is now trying his best to inspire other people even in simple ways.
Suddenly, I heard someone calling my name. I slowly open my eyes. I am still lying in my bed and it’s actually my mom calling me for breakfast. I close my eyes again as I’m trying to analyze the situation. Then I realized that the Young Blood thing was simply just a dream — a wonderful dream.
Moving on, (to be continued…)

Being In Blog World

As of doing this blog post, I am more than a week now here in blog world. I already experienced that sense of success any blogger felt upon publishing completely his work of love. It’s like receiving a gold medal. It is something he could always be proud of. For me, it’s definitely priceless! But could I actually consider myself a certified blogger now? Maybe the answer to this question is yes, but for sure, I’m still far below compare to the professional-level of blogging of those bloggers I’ve checked out. But I’ll better count this reality as an encouragement for me to try more and not to give up. Practice makes perfect after all! Right? What matter most for me right now is the fact that I’m totally enjoying the beauty of blogging. It is one of the greatest moves I’ve made outside from my comfort zone. The moment of having no idea what topic to choose and how to start it and the difficulties in constructing sentences just to have a good composition — all of these can’t stop me in doing this stuff again and again. This blog world is now the home of my thoughts and the window of my soul. Being in blog world is truly like welcoming positivity.
Indeed, staying in blog world is far from over! #iPlus1forFun! 🙂