Monthly Archives: January 2012

Hello Blog World

I am really inspired by a blogger friend I have and I also want to know the feeling of having ” hello blog world ” experience. But honestly, I really don’t know how to do it and how to make way for the realization of this dream. There are lot of reasons that hinder me for accomplishing this goal like my own personal hesitations, then I also don’t own a PC to work it on and that could have an application for checking some of my grammatical errors directly, and also because there are lot of things I have in my mind that I can’t decide how to put them all in words properly. Despite from all these, here I am now for my first ever blog entry. How I wish this would not be my last try. :p
Well, blogging is totally quite different. That feeling upon doing this blog post is something treasurable. It’s like you’re inputting yourself on it and for sure all bloggers out there would agree with me of this statement. 🙂 Doing this kind is not easy and now I know! But what’s positive about this is that, I can still practice and enhance my ” writing ” skill even after graduating college. Blogging is truly a simple way to help myself grow and could help widen my horizon in some sense.
Now that I’ve started doing this, I would always try to give all my best shots and would continue this as part of a learning process. This world is now my ” new ” world. Hello blog world! — this is Loadplus. I’ll see you more soon! 🙂